RKA  will Support  Only Dedicated Gaushala


New Delhi 

Rajesh Dogra ia a resident of  Himachal Pradesh, dedicated  for the conservation, preservation and protection of indigenous breed of cows. He has established one Gaushala  in his native place and maintained about 50 cows including Giri breed  and other local breed. Today, he was invited by the Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria, Chairman of  Rastriya Kamdhenu Aayog (RKA)  Government of India  for the discussion on the issues relating to  make Gaushala self-reliance and involvement of  youngsters  to face the  day today challenges  by using their abilities to move in the forward direction. 

Dogra said that during the meeting , various issues were discussed  but, Chairman of the RKA  willing to identify  enthusiastic  and passionate person to evolve the new idea of the indigenous breed conservation and development  and also have  ability to  motivate others . He should have potential to create true inspiration for all the young entrepreneurs those are working for cow conservation and committed life such mission. Dogara said that the Chairman of RKA is ready  to support only the dedicated and committed person , not for  the people willing to come for government subsidy.The RKA  is therefore, willing to encourage the suitable one who is needy for support . 

The Chairman RKA also said that Gau Mata is our pride because cow gives more  benefits then our assumption. During the  meeting , he said more educated people are invited to join the RKA enitiatives  to move forward and set up landmark by developing  this sector where is no limit of the  growth but , they  must have abilities to think and perform acordigly to associate the society . Cow protection, preservation and goshala development is only possible , if good breed of  indigenous cows  are maintained in a proper manner. He said that the developmental activities  may be carried out successfully, if it have been interlinked with cow tourism,cow therapy,production of panchgava medicines,cow based  organic farming or  other  cow based enterprises are started.

At the end of discussion ,he emphasized  on the issues relating to incorporation of proper capital/made proper  investment by suitable  investor by following  "PPP Model". The Chairman RKA is  hopeful to make a change in this area and said that demond for declaration of  cow as "NATION ANIMAL" we will look on the matter, our focous is development and prosperity of the Nation through Cow Culture- Gau Sanskriti. Swadeshi Kamdhenu Gaushala Smiti is working towards conservation and preservation of ndigenous breed of cow.                                      .