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Dr Shivanand Kanshi of Jharkhand Appeal the Veterinarians in the Country for their Support to Strengthen the VCI Functioning….


Dr.Shivanand Kanshi ,TVO,Singhpokharia, Chaibasa, Jharkhand Cum Nodal Officer/ Officer -in- Charge of the State Animal Welfare Board Jharkhand (SAWBJ)  is an  young expert in the area of the Animal Welfare. He has been instrumental to establish State Animal Welfare Board Jharkhand  and he played vital role to make most  active institution and functional  as per provision of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960  wherein  the Animal Welfare Board of India  is made responsible to advise and regulate the functioning of State animal welfare boards in the country. Dr Kanshi initially went for studies  the Animal Welfare Courses and attended various training programs in the same area, visited top most Animal Welfare Organizations, developed  National and International contacts/relations to create  a strong network  so that the State Animal Welfare Board Jharkhand (SAWBJ)  could be activated  and made functional for preventing cruelties inflected upon animals and accordingly, animal welfare facilities could be landed in the field to ensure the  healthy animal production system in the State. He is Second Officer in the country who has motivated the bureaucrats of the State for establishment and activating State Animal Welfare Board Jharkhand (SAWBJ) and availed first budget on animal welfare in the history of Jharkhand State. He launched many massive compaign  for sensitizing the   State Veterinarians  to create district network as  district SPCA  with help of National and International personalities of the animal welfare. The State Animal Welfare Board Jharkhand (SAWBJ)  is now  moving towards revolution  in the field of animal welfare.


Dr Kanshi says that "there is an urgent need for enhancement of superannuation age of Vet-erinary Doctors to 65 years as per parity with GDMO and Dental Doctors.........

Dr Shivanand Kanshi  contesting  for the member of  veterinary Council of India(VCI) from the State of Jharkhand. He has appealed the veterinarians throughout country for  their dear available support. He said that the current scenario of the veterinary profession in the country is facing  various challenges in relation to professional identity and proper use of  skill- efficiency for national development in terms of food security, safe production of animal products and facing the challenges of the climate change. Dr Kanshi  says that why not a veterinarian  is entitled to avail the facility of a doctor to fulfill and complete the national mission for "one health concept". 

Dr Kanshi says that the Government of India,  is considering to provide required minimum health services to the citizen of country. The Government has undertak-en various steps for increasing the availability of doctors as per the requirement and the increasing demand of the country."Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced for increasing the retirement age of Medical doctors  to 65 years to overcome the shortage,  and the Government of India had enhanced the rretirement age of the Specialist/  Non-teaching and public health sub-cadre of Central Health Services and General Duty Medical Officers (GDMO) to 65 years with w.e.f. 31st May 2016.The demand of Dental doctors was also accepted vide order dated 27.9.2017 as per the parity of GDMO with Dental and other streams of doctors and made applicable from the same date i.e. 31.5.2016", said Dr Kanshi.

He raised this issue and appealed the PM Modi stating  that if a decision for creation of “Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog” taken for the conservation, protection and devel-opment of cows and their progeny, which would provide the policy framework and direction to the cow conservation and development prgrammes in the country and for ensuring proper implementation of laws with respect to the welfare of cows as well as announced on 11th  September, 2019, a “National Animal Disease Control Programme” for Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucellosis, which is a 100%    centrally funded programme, with a total outlay of Rs.12,652 crore from 2019 to 2024 with aims to control Foot and Mouth Disease and Brucellosis by 2025 with vaccination and eventual eradication by 2030.

In this juncture, he says that The Fifth and Sixth CPC had extended parity of Veterinary Doctors with General Duty Medical Officers and Dental Doctors to the posts of Veteri-nary Officers requiring a     degree of B.V. Sc. & AH along with registra-tion in the Veterinary Council of India. As per parity the Veterinarians are entitled for Non-Practicing allowance (NPA) and Dynamic Assured Carri-er Progression Scheme (DACP).As per the current scenario, there is a shortage of veterinarians (approx-imately. 1, 15,000) in the country. However, as per recommendation of “One Health India Conference 2019, the  country has to launch the New One Health Initiative - an intersectoral coordination approach to tackling the most urgent health threats in India related to food safety, control of zoonotic diseases  and combatting antibiotic resistance problems which are also associated with climate change.

Dr Kanshi says that "there is an urgent need for enhancement of superannuation age of Vet-erinary Doctors to 65 years as per parity with GDMO and Dental Doctors w.e.f. 31st May 2016  to  overcome the shortage of  veterinarians to im-plement the national programmes of  livestock  development and dis-ease control in the country".


Dr. Kanshi obtained B.V.Sc. & AH from K.N.P. College Vet.Sc. Shirval, Maharashtra, (MAFSU, Nagpur) and M.V.Sc. (Gynecology) from Ranchi Veterinary College (Birsa Agriculture University, Kanke, Ranchi). He joined the Veterinary Department of the Government of Jharkhand in the year 2006 and served with various capacity in the area of livestock research, education, training and awareness, publication, policy formulation and administration to co-ordinate, corporate and associate with State and Central agencies for the advancement of animal welfare and animal production. He was also appointed as Central Officer in the field of animal welfare from time to time and made responsible for study and evaluation of the Central schemes as Member of Committees. He has a credit of publishing 4 research papers and more than 160 popular articles in Hindi and English on animal healthcare ,animal welfare , animal production and management. Indian council of Agricultural Research constituted a Committee for study the problems and prospects of gaushalas are running in the country and prepare guidelines- structure for a “Model Gaushala” to establish throughout country. After completion of the studies, the ICAR published a book “Dry Dairy Model for Unproductive Cattle and Its Management” on basis of studies, recommendation, structure and guidelines framed. Based on his work experience and field problems while dealing and Implementing   Animal Cruelty cases Currently, Dr. Shivanand Kanshi is compiling a compendium- Edited Book on “How to Implement "Animal Welfare Laws” which will be released soon.

For outstanding contribution in the field of Animal Science and Veterinary Research and Education, Society For Scientific Development Agriculture and Technology (SSDAT) Conferred their most prestigious  recognition - " Young Scientist Award, 2012 at Gwalior M.P. The Animal Welfare Board of India, Government of India also honored him    Honorary State Animal Welfare Officer for his noble work and extraordinary contribution in the field of animal welfare research, education and training. He is advisor of many Scientific and Popular Journals/ Magazines relating to Animal Science and Veterinary Education and Research of National repute. ie Pashudhan Praharee, Pashu Poshan Anusandhan Darshan.








Father's Name






1. B.V.Sc. & A.H.

    K.NP College Vet Sc. Shirval Maharashtra, (MAFSU, Nagpur)  

 2. M.V.Sc (Gymaecology)

    Ranchi Veterinary College  (Birsa Agriculture University,     Kanke, Ranchi).




16th February, 1977




Jharkhand Public Service Commission (2006 Batch)


Pay Scale


Rs. 9300/- to Rs. 34,800/- (Grade Pay Rs 5400/-)




T.V.O. Singhpokharia, chaibasa –cum-

Nodal Officer/Officer In Charge, State Animal Welfare Board, Jharkhand.

Nodal Officer/Member Secretary, State ABC Monitoring Committee.





State Animal Welfare Board




Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Co-Operative Department, Government of Jharkhand


Off. Address


Pashupalan Bhawan, Hesag, P.O.-Hatia, Dist- Ranchi- 834003 Jharkhand.


Resi. Address


H.No. 88, Birsa Nagar Road No. 2, P.O.-Hatia, Dist-Ranchi-834003, Jharkhand.


Ph. No.


Mb. No.     7779885555   


Mail id


Personal :

Official   :



  1. Served as staff veterinary Officer at Regional Director  office, Management of Farmer Trainee in Pashupalan Prakshichan Kendra for 4 Years (2006 to 2011).

  2. Served as pig Farm Manager (2011 to 2012).

  3. Served as junior Research Officer at Institute of Animal Health and Production in State Govt. (2012 to 2014)

  4. Presently serving as Officer in charge/Nodal Officer, State Animal Welfare Board, Jharkhand, Since the year         (2014-2019).

  5. Had been involved as Resource Person of many workshops dealing with Capacity Building in reference to Animal Welfare Laws & Various Legal Provisions.

  6. Publishing Secretary, Jharkhand State Veterinary Services Association  since years 2018. 




Job Profile :

  • Since Head of Department, Jharkhand Animal Husbandry Department holds the responsibility of 'Member Secretary' of the board & he has to take care of 4000 employees, 1200 institutions (Govt. Veterinary Hospitals, Dispensaries, Govt. Farms, labs  &  other institutions) thus job profile as an only full time officer serving in the board as 'Officer in Charge' includes:

  • Presentation/ Approval/ Supervision & Planning of various projects & proposals with regards to animal welfare activities.

  • Management & Coordination between Hon'ble Minister, Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Jharkhand (Ex Officio Chairperson of Board),  Hon'ble Secretary Animal Husbandry, Govt of Jharkhand (Chairperson of Executive Committee),  AWBI, NGOs & various representatives of animal welfare organizations.

  • Making of Action Plan, Budget Demands, Proposals for board meeting, proposals to Jharkhand Govt., proposals to Jharkhand Govt. on direction from AWBI, Draft Proposals dealing with Acts/ Rules/ Proposed Amendments/ Govt. Orders/ Circulars/ Notifications.

  • Examination of proposals from animal welfare organizations, getting them supervised, organization & management of board meetings, clearing the objections raised by Jharkhand Govt., dealing with the court matters of the board.

  • Compilation/ Editing/ Proof Reading/ Publication of literature for the board.

  • To serve as Public Information Officer of the board under Right to Information Act, 2005.

  • Office Management & Financial activities as Head of Office.

  • Serve as a 'Resource Person dealing with Animal Welfare Laws & Various Legal Provisions' contributing in Capacity Building activities.

  • Additional job assignment of 'Publishing Secretary' of 'Jharkhand, State Veterinary Services Association' to officially raise the voice & make sincere efforts for welfare the Doctors of Speechless animals (the Veterinarians). 



  • IMPLEMENTATION OF OLD PENSION Actively Participate in the movement for Implementation of old pension scheme for the Govt. employee who joined the Govt. service after 2004 under the banner of National Movement for old pension scheme (NMOPS) as a responsibility of State Media In charge, NMOPS.

  • STOP CRUELTY AND ILLEGAL TRANSPORT   OF ANIMAL Big Fight against Injustice and corruption, such as – in our State Jharkhand notify District SPCA and State Animal Welfare Board, Jharkhand in the year 2011. But in this Notification Govt. Include and -Authorized Non Government Organization its name is also SPCA, Jharkhand   to Stop cruelty and illegal Transport   of Animal.

  • STRENGTHENING OF SPCA SYSTEM: Inclusion of this non Govt. SPCA in Govt. notification is against the order passed by Hon'ble SC in WP (s) (Civil) No.-881/2014 and prevention of cruelty to Animal (Establishment and Regulation of Societies for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals) Rule, 2001 (herein after “SPCA Rules).

  • FUNCTIONING OF SPCA This non Govt. organization always misrepresentation and overlapping the function of District SPCA. To stop this SAWB Jharkhand time to time issue notice to non Govt. SPCA. Which are functioning should be dissolved or change their name so as to avoid. Overlapping of functions and misrepresentation.

  • POWERS OF SPCA:This non govt. SPCA Jharkhand (NGO) misuse Title and the power under the name of govt. District SPCA also non government SPCA have uniformed inspectors who regularly allow massive cattle smuggling to take place and are actively involved in the same as reported by Animal Welfare Board of India. Also such type of complain received in the office regularly. We collect information and evidence with the help of Police, Law Enforcement Agencies and animal welfare activist. Also organize Animal Welfare Sensitization Programme Regular workshop, 

  • HUMANE EDUCATION: Training Programme at District and State level on various legal provision on Animal Welfare for Stack Holders and Law Enforcement Agency such as Police, APP, Veterinary Doctor,  media personnel, Gaushala Representative AWO, Animal Welfare Activist.

  • SENSITIZATION OF AUTHORITIES ON ANIMAL WELFARE:  As a result of this chief Minister Jharkhand and Chief Secretary Jharkhand, Secretary Animal Husbandry, Director Animal Husbandry and Media Person sensitise and knows the activity of this non govt. SPCA Jharkhand. Illegal Activity and Directed concerned official to take action against illegal Activity and removal of this organization from Govt. Notification.  

  • COORDINATION WITH CENTRE: In the Mean time AWBI also derecognized non govt. SPCA Jharkhand in the year 2019. Now we are in a position to remove non govt. SPCA. from govt. notification for this we get consent from law department.


  • STEPS FOR SCIENTIFIC WORK: Society For scientific development agriculture and technology Confers its young scientist award. For outstanding contribution in the field of Animal Science.

  • LEADING IN CENTRAL COMMITTEE: Indian council of Agricultural Research constituted me a committee member to study the model on which the gaushalas are running and give recommendation for developing a model of gaushala that can be replicated throughout the country. After recommendation ICAR Published a book Dry Dairy Model for Unproductive Cattle and its Management.

  • PUBLICATIONS: Published Research Article 4

  • WRITING: Associated with publication of a book. Title Artificial Insemination techniques in Swine.

  • BREED CONSERVATION: Associated with Registration of one indigenous Pig breed of Jharkhand by the name of Purnia /Vananchal Black.