Eat Vegetarian Foods - Prevent Corona Virus

Eat Vegetarian  Food and Prevent Corona Virus Infection as per Advisory Issued by Ayush Department of Gujarat Govt: Girish J. Shah

19th March 2020; Mumbai (MH)

There was a time the entire World were focusing on child mortality, natural disasters, poverty and almost 100 other problems as major issue to save the humanity on planet. However, we have now only single focuses corona virus COVID-19, an emerging global disease has difficult way to eradicate the ongoing outbreak because, developing of the preventive vaccines would take time to come in the market. National Award Winner Organization –“Samast Mahajan”   has requested the public to follow the strict vegetarian lifestyle, especially food and snacks item based on herbal origin in natural form would be most effective, easy and readily available which will prevent.

Girish Jayantilal Shah, Managing Trustee of Samast Mahajan stated that the Corona virus preventive measures to be followed as per advisory issued by Ayush Department and Department of Health and Family Welfare , Government of Gujarat.This advisory to be conveyed among public in effective manner to reach to maximum people through public awareness campaigns, relief camps, schools, colleges etc.where this action needs to be taken.The Gujarat Government also instructed the department concerned the daily report of these actions taken to be provided to the Control Officer for the assessment and to make this drive most successful.

Informed a media that Samast Mahajan has joined this drive and appealed the public by supporting the control offices have been deputed for this purpose so that the suggested preventive measures may reach each and every family.Suggested preventive measures from Ayush Department based on Ayurveda/ Homeopathy guidelines sent to prevent Corona virus are given below:

Ayurveda Remedies:

  1. Decoction: Pathyadikwath + Dashmool Kawath + Citroness: Projection Trikatu

  2. Add two teaspoons of black pepper powder to two teaspoons of basil juice and take it in the evening.

  3. Medicated water: Add 1 teaspoon of dried ginger powder, or soonth to one teaspoon of cinnamon (or add 2 teaspoons of soonth) to 10 glasses

  4. of water and boil on a low flame until it is reduced to half its quantity or 5 glasses of water. Drink lukewarm as and when needed.

  5. Dhoop: Take 50 gms of Salai Guugul, 10gms of sweet flag (ghodavaj), mustard seeds, Neem leaves, 10gms of Cow’s ghee. Mix and make a concoction of 20gms. Add

  6. this mixture to an electric dispenser or on dung cakes and ignite these mixtures during sunrise and sunset

Homeopathic Remedies:

  1. Take four tablets of arsenic alb 30 potency for three to seven days in the evening

  2. In case the virus infection is detected, take the medication again after one month.

Recommended Diet:

  • Have home cooked food, easily digestible and light.

  • Avoid stale, fermented foods; avoid foods made from maida, yogurt, dairy products, junk food, cold drinks and cold water from the refrigerator.

  • Do not consume foods that are adverse to the regular dietary food. Avoid food that has been resting in your refrigerator.

  • Consume hot soups of mung, dals and gram

  • Introduce vegetables like bitter gourd (Karela), raw radish (Mooli), bottle gourd (Lauki), pumpkin (Kaddu), curry leaves (Mitha Neem), ginger (Adrak), turmeric (Haldi) and garlic (Lahsan).

  • Avoid heavy meals and greasy vegetables.

  • Eat fruits like papaya, pomegranate and amla (Indian gooseberry).

  • Drink par boiled or boiled water with sonth (dried ginger) powder.

  • Avoid eggs and non-vegetarian foods.


  • Maintain personal, home cleanliness and keep your surroundings clean.

  • Avoid crowded places. Make it a point to wear disposable masks.

  • Wash hands frequently and keep them clean. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Avoid patients suffering from colds and cough.

  • Frequently chant Vishnusahastranama or any suitable Mantra. Make it a point to do some amount of exercise and pranayama.

  • Maintain meal timings. Have meals once a day and lighter meals before sunset.

  • Avoid eating anything more after finishing a meal.

  • Avoid sleeping right after a meal and go to bed on time. Avoid late nights.

  • Gargle with lukewarm water that has added salt and turmeric.

  • Add two drops of sesame seed oil in your nostrils. Apply with finger tips in both nostrils.

  • During the evenings light up dhoop in the house (made from Salai guggugl, Sweet Flag (Vachh), mustard seeds, neem leaves and cow ghee) and fumigate the House with this.

  • Add carom seeds (Ajwaine) in boiling water and inhale its fumes.