Siliguri, West Bengal. 

Chandrika Yolmo Lama is winner of Indie Royal Mrs India Classic - 2019, told press that her tagline for the contest was "Voice for the voiceless" and she truly did justice to this tagline as all finalist,jury members, organizers were quite impressed with her appeal to leave using  leather products as it involves cruelty, is now dedicated for awareness on Welfare of companion animals like unwanted dogs and cats.As part of awareness and education in the society to care and love the animals are abundant in towns and cities.                       

In this connection ,she has made a successful journey from one State town to another State town covering 3000kms from GOA to SILIGURI with her rescued&adopted indie dogs.She is sharing her experienceto media (   ) and stated that from beginning to end is so inspiring for any animal lover.Her message to the society is to not hurt animals,if you can't love and feed them . She has  started a campaign- "ADOPT A DESI DOGS" since last one year ,her program is going successfully .The Animal Lovers throughout country are greeting her for the valuable campaign which is associated with animal care and concern animals abandoned in streets.With an ambition to give a huge message to the society to highlight the major issues of abandonment when people move their base from on place to another on transferable job because ,  her husband is a serving army officer, Colonel Lakpa Yolmo Lama who is transferred to Goa she says that "I started a drive on 15th March, 2020 and decided to start road journey covering 3000 kms from Goa to Sliguri with my 12 rescued and adopted Indian desi dogs.I passed through cities like Pune, Shirdi, Indore,Bhopal, Lalitpur,Jhansi,Kanpur ,Lucknow,Basti , Gorakpur , Darbhnaga,Motihari,Madhubani, Kishanganj". 

In view of of the care and concern of the abandoned dogs and cats and the cities, she share her views- "I think abandoning pets is just an excuse for the people when they no longer want the dog because, as a lady, if I can travel with 12 dogs by road, then, I am damn sure everyone can with 1 or 2 dogs for sure.I never faced any difficulties  enroute because of my dogs. Extra care was taken for them especially of their diets, watering  find comfort in the journey. During the journey , frequent breaks were taken to make them feel stress free.  I took enough ORS water to keep away from dehydration  and other medication were given in frequent intervals as per requirement. Proper precautions were  for  their healthcare and followed  feeding schedule with very light diet like curd and glucose with biscuits".

She is dedicated to aware the general masses in future endeavors like this.she whole heartedly thank all the people who made this journey a  memorable and successful one.Her passion of animal rescuing and adoption has it's own  miracle story to tell where she covered the journey of two thousand and five hundred kilometers by road with her 12 rescued and adopted dogs as her husband got transferred from Lucknow to Goa in the month of April 2019.Her dream is to start an animal  shelter cum sanctuary for paralyzed street animals and serve them.Truly ,government effort is going in this regard but public participation is the must, in 2014, the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) announced to train stray dogs to work with police as guard dogs. The decision was applauded by many. In November 2015, the Supreme Court asked all states and union territories to follow central rules, which ban killing stray dogs in India. The Court ruled that only “irretrievably ill or mortally wounded” stray dogs can be eliminated, which should happen in a “humane manner.”

Torture ,beating and killing a dog in India is crime, Acts of cruelty towards animals in the country comes with a measly Rs.50 fine as per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, is great surprise. In 2017, a medical student from Chennai threw a dog from the rooftop of a building, and another friend filmed the entire act. In a more gruesome incident in Bengaluru, a woman flung eight puppies on a boulder, smashing their skulls in the process. Both perpetrators got out on bail after paying a petty fine. Even though animal welfare groups are serious about the issue and several petitions have been filed, the government still needs to do a lot. The initiative to help stray dogs needs a lot of funding from the government.