Samast Mahajan Launches "Roti Bank" Campaign to Serve Helpless in Mumbai

Highlights :

@ More than 3,000 Donor Families

@ About 30,000 Rotis Collected Daily

@ More than 6,000 Needy Benefited                                                                                                                                                                                                            @ Per day Service cost Rs. 25,000-30,000/-

Mumbai (Maharashtra) Due to the KOVID-19 epidemic, all most social organisations have been deeply engaged in various  activities like supply of food packets, water  mask ,sanitizer ,medicines and other essential groceries for needy and helpless people. This situation of crisis prevailing throughout globe , the World Economic Forum(WEF) has already asked all the countries to come forward for raising resources to help  helpless. The government in India also appealed the voluntary organizations- NGOs to join the hands with government..Many more  new campaigns have been launched for helpless people.

Girish Jayantilal Shah, Managing Trustee of Mumbai based  voluntary organization - "Samast Mahajan", said that many people are joining their organization for the support of their the new campaign  based on collect of "Roti" from house to house so that the collected "Rotis" would be delivered the to needy people under "Samast Mahajan Roti Bank"campaign. Samast Mahajan Roti Banks campaign is very successful popular and moving forward in service of humanity. This campaign is covering   most affected area of the Mumbai city, particularly for "tihari"labors, auto drivers and other destitute people .

Managing Trustee of Samast MahajanShah ,recipient of the National Award , said that Hiralal Jain, the Coordinator of campaign of his organisation  is currently working day and night with more than 150 volunteers are dressed the special uniforms(red color). Under the Samast Mahajan Roti Bank campaign. He said that everyday about 30,000 Rotis are collected from  3,000 donor families and after packing with "sabji" and "daal" ,the packets are being served to more than 6,700 needy families/people. Most of such people belong to slum area, lives on footpath, "tihari" labors ,jobless auto drivers, "banjaras" and tribal or destitute people has no money , no facilities and has no job, no earning  due to lock-down. Under the Roti Bank program, not only Rotis are given , also provided gloves, masks, sanitizers, soaps etc.For ruining such new campaign is a tedious during current scenario in terms of arrangement and collection of funds due to lock-down . However, it's daily cost about Rs. 25, 000/- to 30,000/- to feed to 6,700 families.

According to Shah ,the volunteers of his organisation have been trained to follow all the precautionary measures of lock-down as per guidelines of the government like social distancing,using Sanitizer, gloves and mask during distribution of food packets .The organisation has urged the people , donors humanitarians and philanthropists to come forward and join the hands with Samast Mahajan for  this noble mission. He said that any interested person may contact program coordinator, Hiralal Jain (9821232818) or direct Samast Mahajan office (9820020976) without hesitation.